Seeing Shahid Kapoor’s anger on paparazzi, users got angry, said ‘Reduce the followers of this Kabir Singh’

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Now fans got angry with Shahid Kapoor.
Have you ever seen Shahid Kapoor angry? Now we will say probably not. The actor has always been talked about for his polite behavior and good manners. Chocolate Boy Shahid Kapoor is therefore very famous among his fans. But now a new video of Shahid has surfaced in which he can be seen lashing out at the paparazzi. Actually, after seeing Shahid, the paparazzi were loudly shouting his name. The actor got furious seeing Chillam-Chilli and advised the paparazzi to remain silent and click photographs peacefully.

In the video, Shahid is seen saying, ‘Why are you shouting like a madman?’ I am here right now, so why are you shouting?’ See-

After watching the video, one user wrote – Today brother Kabir Singh is in a mood, one user wrote – Has the self-respect of these media people died, another user wrote – Here Shahid did the right thing, another user wrote ‘Shahid Shouldn’t have said that why are you shouting like mad, another user is saying ‘reduce his followers now’.

Shahid is rarely seen so angry. Now the fans are surprised to see such behavior from him

Talking about the work front, Shahid was seen and liked in the web series named Farzi. In the coming time, the actor can be seen in many new projects. He has a film with Kriti Sanon. Apart from this, he will also be seen in the remake of an old Hindi film. Currently waiting for these films.

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