Story & Direction :Dhanush & Soundarya Rajinikanth
Production : V Creations, Wunderbar Films
Cast : Amala Paul, Dhanush, Hrishikesh, Meera Krishnan, Raiza, Ritu Varma, Samuthirakani, Saranya Ponvannan
Music : Sean Roldan

Duration: 2 hours 13 minutes

Genre: Drama/Action


A standout amongst the most adored characters in Tamil Cinema, Raghuvaran from Velai Illa Pattadhari is currently back again with VIP 2, as a more developed, family man.

Raghuvaran (Dhanush), who is working in Anitha Constructions, is being cornered by a land development big cheese Vasundhara Parameshwaran (Kajol) of Vasundhara Constructions. Be that as it may, why is he being cornered and why do Raghuvaran and Vasundhara need to bolt horns? For the individuals who consider about the film’s title, and is he at the end of the day turning into a Velai Illa Pattadhari is an amazement to keep an eye out for! The wait-and-see game amongst Raghuvaran and Vasundhara is what truly matters to the film.

Dhanush is getting it done, and he at the end of the day makes us become hopelessly enamored with the character. He easily expositions the part with add up to fascinate. When he plays out a couple of Superstar motions, it is adorable to watch onscreen. Amala Paul, as the normal housewife, puts forth a valiant effort and her science with Dhanush is great. Kajol, the Vennilave excellence has returned to Kollywood after a major break and this rebound film has plentiful minutes for her. Particularly, her execution towards the end is extremely noteworthy. Samuthirakani and Vivek score similarly great simply the way they did in the initial segment. Ritu Varma replaces Surabhi’s part in a short appearance.

Ideal from the underlying minutes of the film, it takes you through numerous nostalgic minutes and the gathering of people is as of now candidly joined to the characters from the word go. The characterisation of Vasundhara is noteworthy and they have adjusted the outlining splendidly in an intriguing way. Her lip synchronize could have been exceptional at few spots, however something else, a fitting voice has been given to her. Soundarya Rajinikanth’s screenplay is connecting with and takes the correct way.

Dhanush’s story and discoursed give gigantic help to Soundarya’s screenplay and go about as a mainstay of quality. The most recent twenty minutes of the film is a shocking watch and you would not perceive what you’d have anticipated. The greatest quality of VIP was the energy of the characters, and that quality is being kept up even in the spin-off. Pay special mind to Saranya Ponvannan’s appearance, which may ensure a couple of goosebumps.

On the other side, the film falls unsurprising, for the most part in the primary half and just over the most recent twenty minutes, you locate a decent astonishment. The whole quick half, however pleasant, it is something that we’ve seen as of now and there is nothing new. The ambient melodies could have been significantly more impactful and one can’t dodge the sentiment missing Anirudh’s punch in the motion picture. The main video tune, Nada Da Raja doesn’t make you move and it could’ve been executed all the more intensely. The film requires a significant stretch of time to get in good shape, as the greater part of first half comprises of family scenes.

Sean’s tunes are great and Iraivanai Thandha Iraiviye is effectively the pick of the collection. In any case, the film’s experience score is an open civil argument as you can discover both Anirudh’s and Sean’s scores being mixed. Sameer’s visuals and GK Prasanna’s cuts are slick and clean. Soundarya has endeavored to ensure the film is as engaging as the initial segment, she has prevailing to a noteworthy degree and won’t leave the group of onlookers disillusioned.


Cinema Likers Review Board: 3/5