On the Sunday scene of Bigg Boss, a woman from the gathering of people segment said that more than ‘Kili Joshiyam’, Kamal Joshiyam has turned out to be well known in Tamil Nadu and requesting that he report his most expected political passage

Kamal immediately asked everyone to raise their hands and told them to use their finger at the right time(elections).

“Other than the ink recolor on the finger, there shouldn’t be some other stain”, said Kamal indicating the pay off culture for voting. In the interim, senior challengers including Harathi, Sakthi Vasu and Julie have been expelled from the Bigg Boss as they have finished the designated time in the house.
Bigg Boss group brought back Harathi, Sakthi, and Julie for a restricted timeframe and they will be never again be vieing for the title. In spite of the fact that different competitors inside the house believe that Suja is out the show, she has been permitted to remain in a mystery room and on the off chance that she carries on well, the on-screen character will be by and by be sent inside the house.

As of now, there are only six members in the Bigg Boss house —Snehan, Ganesh Venkatraman, Bindhu Madhavi, Vaiyapuri, Harish Kalyan and Aarav.