The specialized team of Dhruva Natchathiram was stranded in Turkey verge on Sunday as they didn’t have fundamental archives. Following the episode, Gautham Menon transparently requested that on Twitter send help to the specialized group and quickly, neighborhood authorities went there and cleared the issue.

My film crew,stuck at Turkey border.On the road.More than 24 hours now.Officials not letting us in with equipment inspite of legit papers.Crew traveling from Georgia to Istanbul by road. Carrying camera and costumes.Stuck now!At the border.Unable to meet officials demands.Turkey,We are looking forward to film in your beautiful country.If anybody that matters is reading this, please HELP. Worried for my crew”, tweeted Gautham Menon and after few hours, he posted “My crew is coming in.It’s all sorted now.Solid support from the locals here.Thanking everyone for the calls&retweets&support!TURKEY it is!”.